“Child-related businesses aren’t just kid stuff anymore. Companies chatting to the little ones are big news… What’s all the excitement about? As baby boomers’ babies are growing older, they are creating a demand for a wider variety of products and services. Where day-care and baby retail stores once filled all the needs of baby boomers’ infants, today those babies are 9 or l0-year-olds, fueling demand for everything from science education franchises to companies that hold Victorian tea parties.” “Shrinking school budgets and decaying school systems have left a wide-open niche for entrepreneurs to fill. Companies that provide all types of extracurricular educational programs, from music lessons to science classes, are sizzling!…”

Karen Axelton, Entrepreneur Magazine, August 2006

The children’s market is HUGE!! Any product or service is only as good as the size of its potential market. Top Secret Chef’s Licensees enjoy a potential market of parents of every child in their territory. Any business is only as good as the opportunity it can afford you to reach your potential market. As a Top Secret Chef’s Licensee you will be surrounded by opportunities. Within your territory there are hundreds of schools and child related organizations and businesses including:

 Nursery Schools
* Day Care Centers
* Kindergartens
* Elementary Schools
* Middle Schools
* Private Schools
* Parochial Schools

* Children’s Camps
* Youth Organizations
* Community
* Organizations
* Homeschools
* Recreation Centers
* Businesses

P.T.A. Groups
* Girl Scouts
* P.T.O. Groups
* Kid’s Play Groups
* Family Resorts
* Boy Scouts
* Head Start
* Schools

You get everything needed to market to each of these focused markets including:

advertising, direct mail and other promotional items. You receive marketing letters targeted directly to schools and youth organizations, sample automated telemarketing scripts for answering systems and help wanted classified ads. Of course each Licenseeis able to explore these or any other marketing avenues they choose. But these same marketing ideas are successful for us and now can work for you.

How Big Is The Market?

The children from baby boomers are now at 75 million and growing strong. These children influence household spending of almost $240 billion dollars, which is a significant and dynamic part of the American economy. If you have children, you probably have visited indoor playgrounds, themed birthday restaurants or other places for kids to celebrate their special day. Statistics show that these indoor birthday places have grown more than 800% in the last 10 years. Most of these places are good options for young children. But, options for older children (8-14 years of age) become very slim. Top Secret Chef’s programs can effectively compete in both the younger and older markets.

Today, over 80% of all parents choose birthday options away from their home to celebrate their child’s birthday. This provides for a huge market. So, just how many of these kids do you need to be successful? In one small city of Wobum, Massachusetts, (population 36,000) there are 3,824 K-8 children. With just a 2% market share, 76 of these children would have their birthday parties with Top Secret Chefs. Within a 300,000 area of 12 towns, there are typically 35,000 K-8 children. Using that same 2% market share, you would average about 12 birthday parties a week. In fact you would need only a 1% market share to be successful. And, cooking parties are only part of the many other cooking programs that you can offer.

Finally, in the 2007 Let’s Get Cooking Consultation Report by the Royal Society of Health, the conclusions
were that 95% of all elementary age students desired cooking skills, 98% of teachers and school staff believe there is a huge need for after school cooking clubs, and 100% of parents believe that their children should take cooking classes to learn more about food, nutrition, and health. Overall, this extensive report proves the huge demand for cooking at all ages.